Please get in touch with robin for a demo of the game.

17th Feb 2017
Version 0.0.99
Getting close to finishing up the prototype and pushing it into demo state now.
most of the survival core is in place.. some things dont work.. or i havent got round to.
and some features are very minimally embelished. i.e. cutscenes.. sounds.. anims..
but the games very playable imo. for the 20 mins the survival demo last.

8th Feb -2017
Version 0.0.92 , hedgehog, sound tweaks, bug fix shouldnt be possible now to endlessly shit. PS4 controller change. kind of dumped xbox controller in favour of the PS4 its more plug in and play.

6th Feb -2017
Version 0.0.91 I sorted out most of the jump bugs getting the player stuck. i cant tell you how pleased i am to have stopped that behavior, it was driving me nuts. lots of stuff added.

You can now play the prototype from start to finish and the basics should work.

27th Jan - 2017
V0.0.9 gnome butterfly quest extended, Proto level cellsize reduced to 12 from 16,
day set to 6 mins. other tweaks and changes.
8th JAN - 2017
version 0.0.6b. repeat bouncing without moving locks you to a trampoline! escape to go back to the menu.
collision, anim, lighting tweaks. gnome ball to gnome transformation, gui watch.
8th JAN - 2017
version 0.0.6 rough physics, breakable glass
parrot, butterflys, tweaks, small audio pass. xbox controller support.

version 0.0.5 added scafold, gnome base.
tweaked character controller.

DEC 2016
version 0.0.4 reconfigure gardens to make them bigger , down from 22 garden cells to 16.
dress new gardens. add gnomes.