Freelance remote games animation / art and design for games  / cartoons and the web. 1995-2020.  

After my animation HND in Wales, I worked as an Animo compositor, on a SFX bank for Animo software, and then compositing and paint and trace for the series 'Romuald the Reindeer'. and a few different cartoon specials in Cardiff like 'Testament the bible in animation'.

I started in games as a level designer on Wargames for PC and PSX. I was then a lead animator on 4 that got canned in a row working in house. 'Dragon sword', 'Force of one', 'Boom TV'. 'Lemmings forever'. I also got back into some Cartoon work and did a 3d boat model and Backgrounds for 'The last Polar Bears' ( 3mins into the clip) and 'Pongwiffy'. Title logo anim ( not character ), most backgrounds and all 3d sets.

I did one last in house animator job in Denmark on Total overdose in 2004 and then I went freelance remote, doing a lot of work for Sega. as you can see from this old reel of game trailers that feature my animation.
the second is a clip video of raw animation for those titles.
Theres also a short piece of character animation work for the Racing Apex trailer.

I started on my own indie mobile game using Unity called 'Plunderworld.'
which I ran into some code issues with and it never really got past a few levels being made and a demo on Kongregate.

During this period I was freelance animation and artist on various Jakks pacific TV games.
'Teenage mutant ninja turtles',  'How to train your dragon', A DC comics superhero game. 'Star Wars', simple stuff using 12-16 frame loop anims. And an Indie minecraft style Multiplayer FPS called 'Blockstorm'.

I've been working very part time for a long time doing animation on 'Xenonauts 2' for Goldhawk interactive. Early access on GOG / Steam. All character grid based animation exported to FBX for unity.

Working on own indie game. 'Catabout'. In Unity , this turned out to be way to ambitious a project for one man, so I shelved it till I can become a better animation and AI programmer.

Freelance mocap clean up and Animation for a year For 'Hitman 2' . In the first link on the right I did the exits at 2mins , 4mins 14s, 6 mins and 6mins 50s.
The 2nd clip, kills at 1min 14s, 5min 13s and 6min 44s. amonst other incidental NPC anims. This was using Io's Glacier 2 engine and a natural motion state machine tool paired with motion builder.

Working on own indie game 'Cubescape'. In Unity. which I'm doing everything on again except for some music and ground shader.
Also freelance contract on a 'Little Orpheus' mobile game for the Chinese room, dinosaur anims the diplos, some trex and some background menk. and Animation and VFX on an upcoming VR game demo called 'Quantum cops' for Lucky Mountain Games.
Cubescape got a bit too complicated for me so i decided to start again on a simpler game called balloon Hi.